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Topline Farm began its operations in 2007. The farm is owned and managed by Katie Wigness, with help from her husband Kris. 

Katie Wigness

Katie Wigness

Owner / Barn Manager

Katie has over forty-five years' experience with horses.  She is an avid dressage rider and concentrates her training in that area. Katie operates on the principle that dressage training is physically and mentally beneficial for all horses and riders, and is foundational for other disciplines. Katie's additional experience includes riding fox-hunters, jumpers, polo ponies and show hunters. At Smith College, Katie rode and competed on the intercollegiate team for all four years. After graduate school, Katie competed on the A circuit, showing jumpers at major shows up and down the east coast for several years. Since opening Topline Farm, Katie has focused on dressage, having competed throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. She currently has several young horses ready to to be trained up the levels. 

Topline Farm's Philosophy


While most barns provide the basics, we strive to care for your horse in the best manner possible - like you would if you were at the barn all the time. The emphasis at Topline Farm is on the safety and well-being of the horse.


Katie's teaching and training philosophy is much the same - safe and fun progress is the number one priority.  She strives to challenge her students and horses while at all times maintaining their safety and well-being. Katie is also a firm believer in simply enjoying the process of riding, learning, improving and spending time with the horses. 

Award Winning Horse Farm

This award gives recognition to the most outstanding equine farms and their environmental sustainability and management.

Lessons on Horseback
Young Horse Training
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