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Topline Farm has an 8-stall main barn, 2-stall shed row barn, 80 x 160 indoor riding arena and several run-in sheds located among 11 paddocks. Located on 10 acres on top of a small mountain in Alexandria Township, the farm provides a peaceful spot for you and your horse to enjoy many wonderful hours together.

The Main Barn
  • Our eight stall barn has oversized 12 by 14 stalls with hinged doors for the safety of the horse. Each stall is rubber matted, over stone dust, and every horse has a dutch door with a window to the outside. Four stalls have windows in addition to the dutch door windows.

  • The aisle is rubber matted to ease the ache of standing on concrete (for both horses and humans!) and to cushion any slips or falls in the aisleway.

  • The barn is brightly lit with lights in every stall as well as the length of the aisle. The wash stall is well lit to aide in case of any emergency, or just to help get your horse clean!

  • The indoor wash stall has both hot and cold water and rubber mats.

  • The outdoor wash stall is fenced in, has rubber mats, boom-mounted spray shower and cross-ties.

  • A large heated and cooled tack room is available to all boarders to keep tack, helmets, boots and various items.

  • The feed room is available to boarders to keep supplements and medications.

  • Each stall is equipped with a camera.

Horse Sleeping in Large Horse Stall
ArenaWorks Gold Premier Footing
The Arena
  • The indoor arena is approximately 80 by 160.

  • The footing is ArenaWorks Gold Premier, a dust-free mix of premium sand, rubber and fiber.

  • The arena is airy and open, with many windows and three large doors.

  • It has an angled rider guard around the entire perimiter with gates at each doorway.

  • The large size of the arena makes jumping and flatwork a pleasure indoors, summer or winter.

  • Close to the barn, the arena is available and accessible in inclement weather to ride safely. 

Additional Amenities ​
  • Trail riding is available on the property and nearby.  Cross country jumps are located around the property.

  • The farm is located close to the Alexandria Park, Bucks County Horse Park, Schick Preserve, and Heritage Park for trail riding and training.

  • Laundry is available on site for wraps, saddle pads, towels, etc.

Trail Riding down Goritz Road in Asbury, NJ
  • The well being of your horse is most important here at Topline Farm! Unless in extreme weather or bad footing, horses are turned out each day or night as appropriate.

  • Group and solo turnout is available.

  • 4-Board fencing in all fields.

  • Large run-in-sheds available in many fields. 

  • Each field has a large water trough (heated in winter), plenty of grass, and a salt block. Smaller paddocks for rehab available.

Shed Row Barn
  • Two 12x12 stalls with attached 11x22 dry lot run

  • Dry lot run is attached to a small medical grass paddock

  • Each stall equipped with fans, electric, and windows.

  • Stalls, runs and paddock equipped with cameras

Large Turnout Fields
Turnout in large grass pasture
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